How long will we allow "the system" to persecute innocent marsupials and their impassioned human defenders? We are slyly referring, of course, to the case of Irwin Kangaroo, the well-dressed formerly paralyzed kangaroo and registered therapy pet owned by Oklahoma kangaroo owner Christie Carr.

What is The System (in the form of the city officials of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma) doing to Christie Carr now? They're hitting her with regulation after regulation until she's decided to up and leave town. Moving on down the road to McAlester, she is. Taking Irwin with her. They know when they're not wanted. And no wonder: "If she did not fill out the paperwork, we are going to have to take Irwin away from her," said an evil spokesperson for the City of Broken Arrow, probably while cackling. Way to protect the public from this inspirational animal friend, Enforcers of The System

Have you spotted Irwin in or around the McAlester or Broken Arrow vicinities? If so, take a photo, and send it to us at once. Together, we will properly respect this natty formerly paralyzed kangaroo.

[Photo: FB]