By now we're all very familiar with that one photo that Mitt Romney probably wants destroyed — the one where he and his buddies are erupting with cash money — since it appears in most anti-Romney campaign ads and articles and blog posts all the time. But what about this other one, which your Gawker Political Desk had not seen until yesterday?

The image appears twice in the much-hyped pro-Gingrich Super PAC "film," When Mitt Romney Came to Town, about a handful of firms that went bankrupt after Romney's Bain Capital took them over. Have you watched it yet, or any of the 30- or 60-second ads into which it's been sliced for South Carolina TV ads? The Democratic party, or any of its affiliated PACs, will not be able to improve upon these in their attacks against Mitt Romney. They're perfect.

Anyway, what's going on in this comical photo:

  • Romney is getting a Dust Bowl hobo to shine his Italian wing-tips on the tarmac outside his fancy aeroplane, just because he can. Then he's going to fire that guy for a morning laugh, and perhaps enslave his family.
  • An airport security guy is screening Romney with what's obviously a screening device before he boards a plane.

We post some screen shots, you decide.