What is the frontman of '90s rap-rock sensation Limp Bizkit up to these days? Just live-blogging his 60-day juice fast while falling slowly into despair, that's all. Welcome to the dark side of those social media public dieting miracles.

Fred Durst started his 60-day juice diet with such high hopes. On January 2nd he directed his 1 million+ Twitter followers to a Tumblr, fred60.tumblr.com and Twitter account FredChallenge dedicated to his 60-day juice fast.

His first post was a picture of a new power juicer captioned: "My new best friend!" He posted a picture of his weight on a scale (182.4) But just a few hours later, he met his first challenge: "Definitely working up a good headache already. Geez. This blows."

Still, Day 2 seemed to bring good news, as his weight was down .6 pounds.

Day 3: With his weight having dropped just .3 more pounds, Fred Durst grows frustrated: "This is going slowwwww. Probably because I cheated last night and had some M&M's."

Day 4: "Another day of juice down. Definitely NOT getting easier. And I cheated tonight with an oatmeal cookie. She was good!!" (Guess "Nookie" is not autobiographical.)

Day 5: No update

Day 6: "Hard getting adjusted to this juicing thing."

Day 7: No update.

Day 8: No update.

Day 9: No update.

Day 10: No update.

Day 11: That's today. Fred Durst dropped a harsh truth bomb on his followers:


The diet has been challenging to say the least. I haven't seen any significant results yet. That's why I haven't been very excited to post anything. I am about 2 lbs lights and definitely feeling better internally. My thoughts are clear and inspired, but I'm discouraged in some ways. I guess it's my own personal baggage that's lugging around behind me. All comes to the forefront on a diet like this. Bullocks.

I'm going to dive into a heavy cardio, sit ups, and weights routine on Monday. I'm sure that's the next level of fulfillment.

From this it's unclear if Fred Durst is still only eating juice, but given that he's essentially become too weak to update his blog after just ten days this will either end in him calling it off in the next few days, or death.

This a cautionary tale for all dieters who for some reason think it's a good idea to a) start a 60-day juice fast and b) blog about it. Your blog will inevitably falter, taper off and disappear—just like you as you weaken from caloric deficit, leaving nothing but a shriveled monument to the human body's need for non-juice sustenance. You gotta have faith, and solid foods.

[via Lindsey Weber]