Our new editor A.J. Daulerio—who would know—tells me that every time you write about Broncos quarterback and Filipino mohel Tim Tebow, you get a big response. He's right: after yesterday's "A Non Sports Fan's Guide to Tim Tebow," a lot of people in Colorado and Florida (and one guy in Australia) responded to let me know in no uncertain terms that I am an "entry level writer" and a "whiny little bitch." I've got a selection here.

Really man?

At least if you're going to down the kid you could have TRIED to be funny but you weren't.

I hope you get hit by a bus.

Rego Hurtado

Who was Ben Roethlisberger thanking when threw a touch down pass then pointed with both hands to the sky has he looked up? Orions Belt? Why hate on Tebow, he is a good role model? He doesn't halfway pratice his faith he commits to truly practicing it to the fullest. Does it offend you?



Your "Non Sport's Fans Guide to Tim Tebow" somehow managed both short-sighted, smug and way less interesting than the article by Mathew Dowd, which you link to in your last question on "What's the worst thing to be written about Tim Tebow." The problem with America isn't that it's about "hard-working religious white people who defy the system" and that's certainly not the only reason he's so compelling. Anyone who wins or loses big in sports is compelling, particularly if the winner or loser does it in a unique fashion (i.e. Billy Buckner, Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, The 2004 Red Socks, The 2007 Giants, Joe Paterno, Lebron/Wade/Bosh, the 2008 Celtics...should I go on?) Sports is an arena of high exposure where winning is everything. If I'm a Cleveland Browns fan and we get Cam Newton....I'm a happy Cleveland Browns fan. In fact, I might even become a happy person who lives in Cleveland from Sept-January every year. The two aren't separate. Sure Tebow is awful. I'm a huge football fan and every time the guy goes to throw it looks like those bad movie cut scenes when someone jumps off a bridge and they get a shot of an obviously lifeless dummy, limbs akimbo, falling to their non-death. I can't even watch instant replays of him throwing - it's like watching slow-motion car wrecks on Youtube....but he's a winner.

The problem is that Mathew Dowd's article actually had something to say about how America likes heros, and people who speak with conviction. Read Joseph Campbell's books: all religion, all myth, has hero worship...not just Christianity. Not everyone who believes in something, believes in Jesus, you know? And not everyone who believes in Jesus, thinks that Tim Tebow is quarterback.

You want to hear something deep...liberal, college-educated journalism majors who sum up all of America as the white Christian bane on the world of free-thought and pithy Twitter comments are the other 50%. You're just as interesting to listen to as the 50% who believes in Jesus, family values, creationism, anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, Fox News, and Nascar agendas. At least those people believe in the shit they're making up. You just define yourself by believing in the opposite.

Next time you want to write something funny, how about you try and write something funny AND poignant. I know gawker is about gawking, but I'm choking on this one. By the way, Matthew Dowd's piece...it's basically a thesis wrapped around an extended metaphor. It's not good writing, but at least it has a point and not an agenda. Also, next time you're writing a lamen's guide to understanding a sports figure...watch sports, at least once, before writing it.


Disappointed in Colorado

#1 Broncos didn't come from behind
#2 Tebow won by passing

You write about football like u r a girl, Maxcine!

I think your article on Tim Tebow is a little bit unfair. I don't know much about him here in Australia but he seems a nice enough fellow. Why be critical? I enjoy most of Gawker's humorous material but not this.

Hope this finds you well

Who is Max Read ?

Since Tebow is now the most popular athlete in the world,
I am guessing that Max Read must be the most popular
writer in the world.


raphiedaman69 Thu 12 Jan 2012 10:48 AM
first of all i guess throwing for 316 yards against the nfl's top defense along with dropping 29 points agains the nfl's top scoring defense means he can't throw the ball. i think he's proven that he is capable of throwing the ball pretty well. he'll never be peyton or brady but he can throw it. second, that top girl is lucy pinder a british model, i highly doubt that she has ever met tim tebow, let alone been his college girlfriend.

iraleebell Wed 11 Jan 2012 6:01 PM
"Is Tim Tebow good at football?



Just because your boss was harping on you to get a story in which results in traffic for Gawker doesn't mean that you should make such ridiculously atrocious statements like this. Tim Tebow is very good at football, whether you like him or not. As I read this article I thought to myself: "Wow, the author of this article is really an entry level writer."

"You are familiar with this country, and how much this country loves hard-working religious white people who defy the system and the wisdom of experts to do well despite bad odds."

That wasn't racist. At all. I mean really I didn't see a single bit of racism in that statement. None whatsoever. (s a r c a s m)

PatrickRyanLane Wed 11 Jan 2012 4:30 PM
I remember those embarrassing throws against the steelers! Like the 80 yard pass to win the game. Also, that defense everyone keeps talking about? They were 1-4 before Tebow took over. I mean, what makes a quarter back "good?" Last time I checked, wins were a major part.

JTJAX Wed 11 Jan 2012 3:43 PM
"do people just care because he's super Christian" Yes, but it's not the other Christians. It's the Gawker writers, commenters and other Tebow "haters". As an atheist I could care less what his religion is, and I also don't think him "Tebowing" is in anyone's face. However, I could see how if you weren't secure in your beliefs how you might be threatened.

It's entirely amazing to me how the same people who hate him so much have made him so popular by putting so much energy into tearing him down. What I mean is this; if I wasn't reading an article every other day before he left college about how he could never make it in the NFL it wouldn't be such a big story now that he has.

The religion issue is a non-issue to anyone who isn't a whiny little bitch. Stop being a whiny little bitch Gawker.

prinkerton Wed 11 Jan 2012 5:01 PM
This has to be the worst article I've ever read.

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