Computer security consultant Thomas Ryan's ham-fisted attempt at spying on Occupy Wall Street last October exposed his own snitching to the feds. But the FBI apparently still trusts him enough to have had him speak at their big computer security conference this week.

You remember Thomas Ryan, right? The New York-based computer security consultant surreptitiously joined an Occupy Wall Street mailing list, then leaked the contents to right-wing blogger Andrew Breitbart who used it to smear the movement; but in the process he inadvertently leaked his own emails in which he informed his NYPD and FBI buddies about Occupy Wall Street goings-on.

The FBI apparently decided that leaking his own sensitive emails to them did not disqualify Thomas Ryan from presenting at the International Conference on Cyber Security they hosted at Fordham University this week. Perhaps they were convinced by his boasting on his website of leading an elite "Black Cell" team of computer geeks—they love that Tom Clancy bullshit.

On Tuesday, Ryan gave a talk about "protecting your online identity, where he described "the ways in which information can be compromised in a matter of minutes." Beware of threats to your private information: It could be hackers; it could be an incompetent crusading geek giddy with the prospect of helping a conservative blowhard paint a peaceful protest movement as a terrorist cabal.

In his talk, Ryan—whom we should again emphasize leaked his own emails on the internet in an easily-searchable format—also outlined the "most effective and progressive tools to safeguard your own identity." The talk was chaired by FBI cybercrime specialist Ilwhan Yum, whom we know is buddies with Ryan since he had CC'd him on his Occupy Wall Street emails.

Unfortunately we weren't at the talk, so we can't tell you any more details. But be patient: Ryan will probably accidentally leak his notes in the next few days.