This couple is on a break because the wife suffered depression after the birth of their child. She's getting help though! This actor shares a bed with his mother and this celeb tried to hook up with one of his former high school teachers. Wait until you hear why she turned him down.

1. "This A list celebrity couple is taking a break. Apparently the new baby in their life has caused some post partum depression for the mother and she really does not want to be around her significant other so they are spending all their time apart for now except when required for some type of previously scheduled joint appearance. Apparently the mother is also seeing the same doctor who treated this B++ actress who is married to a has been A+ movie actor." [CDaN]

2. "This actor, who is probably best known for a particular television role, is unusually close to his mother. When he visited her during the holidays, he slept in the same bed with her. He doesn't see anything odd about a grown man sleeping with his Mommy. it. In fact, he claims that everyone in his family is very close, and that he often wakes up in a bed with one or more family members." [Blind Gossip]

3. "We hear that this A/B list actor who started out on television and moved to film (mostly with his buddies) had always dreamed of making love to one of his high school teachers when he was younger. He vowed that when he was famous, he would do it. Guess what? He did, sort of. Over Christmas he looked her up, visited his home town and took his old teacher out on a date. Sadly for him, she's a lesbian, but they had a good time catching up and grabbing dinner together." [BuzzFoto]

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