Roxy Music pioneer and all around awesome guy Bryan Ferry got married last week to the young and beautiful Amanda Sheppard. There's nothing odd about a 66-year-old rock star marrying someone 37 years younger than him. What's crazy is that they met when Sheppard dated one of Ferry's sons. Ew.

Apparently Sheppard used to date Isaac, one of Ferry's four sons with his first wife, Lucy Helmore, who he divorced in 2003. Check out the picture of Ferry with his sons on his wedding day and guess which one is Isaac. Yup, its the one who looks all pissed off and has his arms folded.

I feel for the poor guy. He spends his whole life trying to get out from under his father's shadow and he goes and marries his ex-girlfriend. He can't have anything that's his own. As far as Ferry picking up his son's sloppy seconds, I repeat, Ew.

[Image via Pacific Coast News]