The Republican presidential nominating contest is blowing wide open, as candidates move from the boring grassroots-organizing lowlands of Iowa and New Hampshire to the broader markets of South Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Colorado, and everywhere else. So we've compiled a list of collectibles that you — the resident, reporter, operative, thief, cad, provocateur, etc. — can procure for your beloved Gawker Political Desk in return for fair compensation. What are we looking for?

Candidate in the bathroom — $13.11
Candidate in a bar — $9.11
Candidate autographing your chest — $31.43
Candidate getting makeup applied — $22.75
Candidate making out with a non-spouse — $669.69
Candidate's married child making out with a non-spouse — $132.67
Candidate smoking pot — $333.50
Candidate smoking meth — $932.33
Candidate or candidate's family member shopping for luxury goods — $17.01
Mitt Romney smoking a cigarette or drinking coffee or alcohol — $143.55

A list of a candidate's demands for hotel or travel accommodations — $64.46
A candidate's opposition research book or individual pages from them — $102.22/book, $6.55/page
The bill from a campaign party — $87.77
Contemporaneous Ron Paul-autographed copy of the Ron Paul Survival Report — $43.00

Candidate's toiletry kit — $64.90
Lock of a candidate's hair — $85.16
Story of hooking up with a candidate — $29.52
Story of hooking up with a candidate's child — $22.35
Story of hooking up with a candidate's grandchild — $25.67
Story of Mitt Romney buying your company and laying you off — $66.66

If you can procure any of these goods please email and soon. Once we've determined the veracity of your submissions, you will receive your monetary reward.