This starlet says she hates this director, but they're secretly getting it on. There's a sex tape of this actress, her boyfriend, and a group of his friends. This child star is back on smack, and this celeb hates her life. Do you think she's just saying that and secretly fucking her life?

1. "This B list actress who doesn't have a lot of titles under her belt, but is still known for a few blockbusters. is currently sleeping with the director that she is said in the tabloids to despise." [BuzzFoto]

2. "This actress is probably C or D list. She was on a hit television show in the sense it lasted for a good five years, but because of where it aired it was not a monster hit. She has had very little work since it went off the air but that is not stopping one of her boyfriends from trying to sell a sex tape of her enjoying not only the boyfriend but also several of his other friends. The problem is no one really cares about the actress." [CDaN]

3. "This former child actress who started off so innocent before turning to the dark side of music and parental rebellion is back on heroin. I wonder if she will end up in the hospital for exhaustion again." [CDaN]

4. "Alcohol and unhappiness are a bad combination. This celebrity got a bit wasted at an event over the holidays and started spilling their guts to anyone in the VIP section who would listen to them complain about how much they hate their life. They want to quit their current project (which is not going well); they complained about how effing phony everyone is; they hate getting their photo taken; they want their family to stop trying to control them; they're not enjoying life in the fast lane; they don't like flying solo; and they're upset that their sibling (who is also famous) is caught up in a fake PR relationship. Yes, there certainly was a lot of gut-spilling going on! One of their friends tried to comfort them/shut them up, but they just kept yelling and complaining. 'You don't understand! They are sucking the life out of me! I don't want this anymore! I'm going into complete hiding so no one can find me!' Well, except on Twitter, where they continue to pretend that everything is just great." [Blind Gossip]

5. "This just about A list movie actress who got her start on television has been developing a bit of an attitude over the past year. I think it is because she is really trying to stay off coke. Anyway, she was at a charity event the other night where she was getting paid and spent the entire night complaining about the temperature in the room; the food; the drinks; people wanting to meet her; the number of people she agreed to meet and who was keeping count; and the list just went on and on." [CDaN]

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