It has been scientifically established that ABC's men-dressing-as-women-to-get-jobs sitcom Work It is the worst television program in history. Still ABC Entertainment chief Paul Lee doesn't understand why it's so bad or why some people—gay and transgender activists, specifically—find it offensive.

Here's what he said today at the Television Critics Association conference. When asked about GLAAD and HRC's big push against the show he said, "I didn't really get it. I loved Tootsie. I still love Tootsie. I didn't get it. But that's probably me."

Oh my god, that is incredibly offensive—to Tootsie. Lee is going to compare his hacky, piece of shit show that wouldn't know a laugh if it was a pubic hair pulled out of its nutsack to one of the greatest cinematic comedies of all time? Tootsie is a great movie about gender identity, feminism, love, sexuality, and politics. Work It is a bunch of bro stereotypes wearing ugly cast offs from Fashion Bug Plus and reheating jokes from bad Bosom Buddies episodes.

Also, that fact that you "don't get it" is the problem here. Just like the guys in the show don't know how whiny they sound as a bunch of privleged, middle-class, straight males complaining about how hard they have it, Lee just seems more offensive and out of touch by refusing to see why poking fun of people living as the opposite gender might be harmful to people actually living as the gender they weren't born into.

ABC should do the right thing and cancel this fucking show. The question isn't whether this is a piece of garbage or an offensive piece of garbage, the question is why do you want to keep a piece of garbage on the air?