An eagle-eyed reader snapped a picture of these earrings that are for sale at the Bejeweled store (think a busted version of Claire's) on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. They are swastikas. There was only one pair left.

Before you get started, yes, these swastikas are "backwards." They're not the exact symbol used by the Nazis, instead the line turns to the left instead of the right. This is an ancient figure with plenty of meanings. But, come on, it's a swastika. That's like having a store called reltiH hplodA and then getting upset when people read something else into the name of your store.

Our tipster confronted the clerk at Bejeweled. "When I said 'Why are you selling these? They are really offensive,' the clerk said people had asked for them and I said, 'so you ordered them?' She shrugged and said 'business' with a weak smile. She seemed sheepish, like she knew why I was bringing them to her attention."

"Business." I'm sorry, but that is bullshit. Like the difference between this store staying open or not is the fact that it sells $5.99 pairs of earrings to people who want to be hate-mongering assholes? I think not. You could easily do without these. And what is more disturbing, that people were asking for these (as the clerk claims) or that once they got ordered they are nearly sold out? Sorry, Greenpoint fauxhemians, you can not wear a swastika ironically. Get your outrage worked up in the comments.