There's a power change at aspiring investigative powerhouse the Huffington Post: Managing editor Nico Pitney is out, and Arianna Huffington's assistant — sorry, "chief of staff" — Jimmy Soni is in. He's 26, a swing dancer, barefoot runner, trilingual, and new to this whole editing and reporting thing.

Arianna loves him. In an internal memo via Capital New York, Huffington said that that "in his 9 months with HuffPost, Jimmy has proven himself to be a man of many talents," including being "a good listener." The McKinsey and DC mayor's office veteran is also "unwaveringly upbeat and positive... Born in Toulouse, France, and a graduate of Duke University, Jimmy is tri-lingual – French, Hindi, and English – an avid marathon (and barefoot!) runner, a swing dancer, and the author of a new book coming out this fall on Cato the Younger."

At one point, HuffPo was turning to seasoned journalists like BBC and Time hand Elinor Shields for the managing editor role. In recent years, however, the publication has hired M.E.s based instead on their ability to listen and withstand pressure. Having lasted three quarters of a year as Huffington's right hand, Soni clearly has that nailed. His ability to accept inflated titles with grace and dignity is just a bonus.

[Image of Huffington via Getty Images. Image of Soni via Soni/Facebook.]