Thanks to a million big-tittied cocktail waitresses, Elin Nordegren is rich off the millions of her ex-husband Tiger Woods. So rich that she bought a $12 million mansion just to knock it down. Now she's going to build a new house on the property. Actually, she's going to build the same exact house.

TMZ has their hands on the plans for the new house Elin is going to be building on her ocean-front property in North Palm Beach, Florida. It looks very similar to the one that just got torn down. Yes, there are more bedrooms, two hot tubs, a guest house, a giant master bedroom, and a pool house, so it's not exactly the same, but, you know, very very similar.

Turns out that Elin might have had a good reason for the demolition. A source close to Elin planted a story in People saying that the old house was infested with ants and termites and that the 1920s structure wasn't up to code and couldn't withstand a hurricane. Except Elin didn't know about the infestation until after Habitat for Humanity was going through the original structure and tearing out fixtures, appliances, and other hardware to use in their houses. Well, at least some people in need of homes will have some nice things. Let's just hope they did something about the bugs. It's one thing to have Tiger Woods' ex's Sub Zero fridge in her house, it's another thing to have her ant infestation.

[Images via Pacific Coast News]