All the paparazzi pictures show this actor getting comfy with his new famous girlfriend, but what you don't see is his boyfriend waiting back at the hotel. Also, some intel on a very famous newborn. No fakes there!

1. "You probably saw lots of photos of celebrities on vacation over the holidays. For example, there were photos of this attractive acting couple, relaxing together, all cozy and kissy and handsy. Sweet, right? Well, the real gossip is in what the cameras didn't show you: the guy's real boyfriend (also an actor), who accompanied the couple on the vacation but managed to stay just out of camera range. Yes, the relationship you see in pretty pictures is just a professional bearding arrangement, desperately trying to look like a real relationship." [Blind Gossip]

2. "The arrival of a new baby is always a blessed event. This beautiful baby was born this week. The baby was swaddled in a gender-neutral white blanket and was wearing a white cap. While there was some last-minute chatter about it being a boy, we believe it is a girl, and will refer to her as such. She appears to be of average height and weight, and, most importantly, is healthy. She has light skin, brown eyes, a good patch of dark hair on her head, and is eating well. Her eyes were a bit puffy at first, but she opens them when she is held upright. She has some sort of skin issue (a rash or stain), but it does not affect her overall health. The baby's name is still a mystery. She was originally referred to as Casey (possibly KC?), but we've also heard her called DJ (possibly TJ?). However, we don't have any reason to believe that this is her actual name or initials. The mother is resting comfortably, and the parents are thrilled. They are expected to keep things quiet for a few more days. Congratulations to all!" [Blind Gossip]