In the mood for some class rage? (Of course you are.) Gothamist points us to message board on uptight parenting forum UrbanBaby asking, "What's your hhi [household income] and do you FEEL poor, middle class, upper middle class or rich where you live. No judging."

Ha ha, "no judging." As if this discussion existed for any other purpose. (Well, judging and trolling.) For your judgmental pleasure: UrbanBaby's most harrowing tales of economic hardship and financial woe:

  • $700,000 poor. NYC
  • $350K, so, so, so poor. Not being dramatic or anything, really poor. We totally struggle every day. UES.... Obviously we are totally over extended. If we could get out of this mess, we would, but we can't.
  • 500,000. DH spends to much so I feel poor
  • 2012 will be about 400k. Fell mc. HHI is down since 2009. Live on the UWS.
  • $275K, on the poor side of middle class, NYC.
  • 180K Greenwich Village. I feel wealthy compared to most of the world. I feel like I am doing my child a disservice when she cried at age 4 because I told her we will NEVER buy a country house.
  • Last year $650k. This year $375-450k depending on bonus. I know rationally we are doing well, but we still feel pinched. We try to save our bonus and spend our base ($275k) and with 2 DCs in private pre-school, modest place on far UWS, and pretty modest life, we rip through that $275k incredibly fast. But for those haters, here is the math: $275k = $137k after tax. That is a bit more than $11k per month. After rent, it's $6200. Annualize preschool and subtract, we are down to $3500. And between all of our other expenses, somehow we burn through that.
  • 200k, poor, DC suburbs.
  • 140k, no dcs, 2 adults and we feel POOR. san francisco.

UrbanBaby: The internet's foremost luxury parenting website for poor, childless outrage addicts.

[UrbanBaby via Gothamist, image via Getty for illustrative purposes only]