When Facebook was only 6 percent as popular as it is today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg wanted to upgrade his personal operating system with leadership features. So Earth's richest cylon decided to shadow his human friend and mentor, Washington Post CEO Donald Graham.

In 2007, Facebook had just 50 million active users, but was growing fast (the social network would add more than 750 million active users in five years). So Zuckerberg, reports the Wall Street Journal, sent Graham an email: "I'm a CEO now and would like to shadow you and see what you do." AFFIRMATIVE. REQUEST ACCEPTED:

Mr. Zuckerberg visited Mr. Graham for a few days in Washington. He went to executive meetings, attended an investor conference, walked the newsroom, and sat in the print man's book-lined office on the ninth floor of the Post building. "It was a lot of fun," Mr. Graham said.

In the coming years, Zuckerberg would successfully alienate his users and leverage his extreme market dominance into near-extortionate terms of engagement - just like a proper, old-fashioned newspaper monopolist! Well done, Mr. Graham.

[Images of Zuckerberg (left) and Graham for photo illustraion via Getty Images.]