Okay, "stupid" isn't really the most nuanced way to describe this. It's also quite funny in its tactlessness, once you work through all the racism and vomit a few times. It shows clips of Jon Huntsman speaking Chinese, which everyone knows he speaks because he was the ambassador to China. There is also, what do you call it, "stock Chinese music" playing in the background. It notes that Huntsman has adopted two daughters from the East. None of this is congratulatory, however; it takes the more racist is Jon Huntsman the Manchurian candidate? path. Who made this wonder of wonders?

Before going any further: This is not — NOT — an ad from the Ron Paul campaign. The YouTube user is "NHLiberty4Paul," and this is the only uploaded video on the account. It is so farcically dumb and tactless (and again, pretty funny) that it could very well be a hoax on Ron Paul's supporters. Or it could be a Ron Paul supporter!

Paul and Huntsman do dislike each other, and there was a silly flare-up earlier this week in which the actual Paul campaign sent a tweet to Huntsman reading, "We found your one Iowa voter, he's in Linn precinct 5 you might want to call him and say thanks." It was deleted five minutes later and blamed on a staffer.

Huntsman eventually responded, "You'd think he would have learned the perils of ghost-written subject matter by now," which was a humorous remark by politician standards. The Internet appears to have taken the lead from there.

(Sorry, this is honestly the most interesting thing coming out of New Hampshire. Can't we skip to the South Carolina primary right now to see if Romney clinches? Democracy is so goddamn SLOW!)

Update 1/6/12: Several people have emailed us to point out that the first referral to the video, according the YouTube statistics, is from "jon2012.com" — Huntsman's campaign site. Huntsman campaign spokesperson Tim Miller tells us in response, "All tweets that tag @JonHuntsman show up on our site. So someone saw it here."

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