What is next for Herman Cain? The world has been waiting the answer since that fateful Atlanta morn. Perhaps he could be a corporate lobbyist? The big money's there. Or an Applebee's waiter! See how the other half lives and all that. And then there's always the chance to go lesbian for a while in a lesbian art colony. Now's the time to experiment before getting tied down in some career. But no, it looks like he's just going to ride a bus and talk about his tax plan.

CAIN'S SOLUTIONS REVOLUTION, it says on his website CainConnections.com, which looks almost exactly like his old presidential campaign website. He's going on a bus tour, too, much as a presidential candidate would. And, as Politico reports, he'll "tour the country to raise support for the '9-9-9' plan that was the star of his aborted presidential run."

Yet it's looking like he may have delivered a mere partial abortion to his presidential run. He's got the same website, same campaign-style bus tour, same gimmicky tax policy. At the top of this post, you'll see a typically ludicrous Herman Cain web video. Wouldn't it have been smarter to have stayed in the presidential race if the band was going to stick together anyway?

No, because now he can pay himself a salary from retained campaign funds and not have to deal with the media talking about all of his affairs and sexual harassment charges. It's brilliant business. He is a coward.