This guy from The Hills is now kept by a very rich gay. These sisters are fighting over a fashion line, this actor can't stop having threeways and this actress got so drunk she had group sex. You know, some people can be talked into doing that sober!

1. "Which male star from The Hills has a new boyfriend who pays him a very nice monthly allowance." [CDaN]

2. "This celebrity sibling rivalry is getting out of hand. Two sisters are both trying to get a fashion line started up. Investors are concerned that both of them doing this separately will hurt sales and are reluctant to back them. The sisters don't know this, but their mother approached the investors and helped back one sister over the other. We're not sure why she's playing favorites, but it looks like only one sister will have her dream of becoming a designer, come true." [BuzzFoto]

3. "This insatiable actor is setting new records for decadence. Over the holidays he participated in a threesome with two women. One of these women was his ex-wife (who is an actress), and the other was just some random girl. The very next day, he participated in yet another threesome, this time with a woman and a man. The woman was his ex-girlfriend, and the man was her husband. Where does our actor find the energy? Who knew that his exes were on good terms with him? Since when does he swing both ways? And where the heck were the kids when all this was going down?" [Blind Gossip]

4. "This A+ list movie actress let things get out of hand the other night. She had way to much to drink and smoke and ended up with in bed with two guys and a third watching." [CDaN]