The Tom Ford episode of Visionairies aired on OWN this fall, but I didn't even know about it until now. (Seriously, who is watching OWN other than Gayle, Maya Angelou, and that weird secretary who works in your office and is obsessed with Fergie—the British one, not the Black Eyed Pea.) Thanks to Steamy Window Productions for informing us of it and making this supercut of all the hilarious times Tom says the words "I," "me," or "Tom Ford" in the episode.

Sure, if someone is making a documentary about what a "visionary" you are, you're going to have to say "I" a lot, but that we even have to include "Tom Ford" as a separate category tells you that you are entering ridiculousness. It's not that Tom Ford just says "I" and "Tom Ford" a lot, it is the ludicrous things that follow the pronoun that make this video so funny. Oh, fashion. You are so glamorous, but so laughably ludicrous at the same time. Just ask Tom Ford (Tom Ford).