Antonio Munoz of Aurora, Ill., "mite" have been a little bit "bugged" after Comcast installed a new cable box in his home! Why? Because it was filled with cockroaches! "Bugged"! Ha! No, literally, his cable box was filled with cockroaches.

Or so claims a lawsuit Munoz has filed against Comcast:

The Aurora resident recently acquired his cable television service through Comcast. After the installer left his home on a Friday, cockroaches began crawling out of the cable box in his parents' room, Munoz said. He said it looked like the equipment came from a different user, and was not new.


Munoz carries a bag with dead roaches in them as evidence. He also wrapped up the box and brought it back to Comcast - he does not want the roach-infested equipment in his home.

According to a separate lawsuit filed against Comcast in Chicago, the cable company "forced [employees] to install inadequate, bug-infested equipment at homes." Sounds like there "mite" have been a problem there! Seriously though, this is fucking gross.

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