Gigantic internet zombie Yahoo announced it's installed Scott Thompson as CEO, replacing the scary lady who cussed. Thompson was president of noted precious antique destroyer PayPal, isn't big on journalism, and dresses like Mitt Romney's less cool older brother.

A 2010 Wired profile noted Thompson's "Boston accent, bushy Cliff Clavin mustache, and fondness for pleated pants and button-down shirts." The geeky wardrobe fits wit Thompson's message: the robots are taking over. Asked about Yahoo's advertising business and about all those marquee human journalists Yahoo hired in recent years, Thompson was mum, preferring to change the topic to data and software. "[Yahoo]'s wealth of data's going to be exploitable for next generation products," he said. SkyNet or bust! (And since this is Yahoo we're talking about, the correct answer is most likely "bust.")

[Image of Thompson via Mystatic/YouTube]