Sinead O'Connor is back with her husband and sharing graphic details once again. For those keeping track, Sinead O'Connor got married in Vegas, told some inappropriate jokes, then 16 days later got divorced (possibly because of crack) but now the marriage is back on again. And so are the inappropriate jokes.

Sinead took to her Twitter last night to share intimated details of her sex life with her once and future husband, addiction counselor Barry Herridge. She said, "so sinead got laid!!!" That clears that up! But by whom? "Spent beautiful evening of love making with nine [Ed. note: I think she meant "none" but don't put it past Sinead to have bedded nine husbands at once] other than husband! Who turned up angelically we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend," she clarified.

But wait. Aren't they married? "Yay!!! we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend again an stay married but we did rush so we gonna return to b friend g friend." Boyfriend girlfriend, that's so junior high. Know what else is junior high? The campy way Sinead talks about sex. "yay!!! me husband is a big hairy cave man an came to claim me with his club : ) and now im in cave-land.. yay!! we both go panto!"

"We both go panto?" What sort of insane sex act is that? I don't even know that one. Oh, crazy Irish aunt Sinead. Don't go a-changing.

[Image via Pacific Coast News]