Last night Obama joined Instagram, the hip iphone photo app that lets you use artsy filters to make your photos look crappy and old, in a romantic way. Obama's really making a bid for the 18-30 "spends too much time on the internet" demo.

Now we can look forward to campaign photos that all appear to have been taken in 1979, on a windswept cliff somewhere just north of San Francisco on a brilliant summer day then stuck between the pages of a dog-eared copy of Nabokov's Lolita and forgotten about for 33 years. These will be posted on the campaign's official Tumblr, of course. Now, if Obama joins and posts his cute ensembles every day he'll have completed the Internet hipster trifecta. By the power of memes, his reelection in 2012 will be assured.

(In an interesting coincidence, Justin Bieber also joined Instagram in July. Add this to the evidence for a vast Bieber-Obama conspiracy.)