Michele Bachmann, the magical flightless wish bird willed into existence by thousands of liberal bloggers, is no more. After a sixth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, Bachmann announced on Wednesday that she would be suspending her campaign and returning to her homeland, Quadling Country in Oz.

Bachmann had a strong start in the "funnest person to blog about" stakes last year, thanks to a solid lead performance and a star-making supporting turn from her husband, Marcus, who is not gay, and stop asking, before falling in the polls and becoming the go-to candidate for embarrassing videotaped confrontations with gay people, a status she eventually ceded to Rick Perry as she tumbled further and decided to focus on fighting with late-night band The Roots. Still! She managed to end the year with no gaffes, and, if nothing else, she beat Jon Huntsman last night.

Pretty good for someone who was never really running for president in the first place.

Update: We watched her quittin' talk in the hopes that Marcus would do something funny but mostly it was just about how Obama is a socialist. And then "Soul Sister" by Train played?