Check out this French trailer for the new thriller Upside Down. I don't quite get how this high concept works. Apparently there is a world with two sets of gravity and those who are right side up can't fall in love with those upside down. Unless you're Kirsten Dunst, of course.

Is this going to be the new phase of her career when she's in serious dramas with a bit of a sci-fi bent like Melancholia, which she'll most certainly (and deservingly) get an Oscar nod for? Is this going to be twilight of Kiki Dunst, former ingenue and Coppola muse? It wouldn't be such a bad second act, but this movie looks like a stinker.

First of all it stars Jim Sturgess, who is one of those actors that Hollywood is trying desperately to make happen even though all evidence points to the fact that we're not that interested in having him. He's like the male Kate Hudson, except his parents aren't famous. Secondly, this seems like way too much thinking for a romantic comedy and way too much existential wailing for a fantasy thriller. It does look kind of pretty though. We can say that for it. It looks kind of pretty.