Yes, Omar Little was booked on possession of a handgun in Baltimore this weekend. No, silly, it's not Omar Little the awesome gay vigilante who terrorized the drug dealers of Charm City that we all rooted for on The Wire, this was a real Omar Little. Turns out, he also favors a life of crime.

The Baltimore Sun reported on the arrest and everyone seems to think it's a hoot that this guy has the same name and predilection for guns as his fictional counterpart. Sure, this was Omar Little Jr. (inset), and David Simon who created the show says that this is just "coincidence" that the two have the same name, but it's fun, isn't it. OK, it's not fun at all. It's just silly. Actually, it's kind of sad since our Omar is dead (spoiler alert) and this Omar is under arrest. Whatever, I just want any excuse to talk about The Wire.