Now you have a chance to buy what must be one of the more famous U-Haul trucks in history. Artist Clark Stoeckly has put his spoof "Wikileaks Mobile Collection Unit" on eBay to raise funds.

The Wikileaks Truck has no official connection with Wikileaks, but it does have some radical cred on account of it having been confiscated by NYPD and temporarily "lost," then recovered during a stint at Occupy Wall Street in November. It runs, fitfully. As far as Wikileaks souvenirs go, it's way better than the bag of coffee signed by Julian Assange sold during an official fundraiser.

The truck has nearly 200,000 miles and bidding starts at $7,500. Makes an excellent birthday present for someone you want to be sure is under government surveillance at all times.

[via the Daily Dot, Image via David_Shankbone/Flickr]