This actress and her musician boyfriend can't decide if they should keep the pregnancy (and the headlines) or get rid of it. This actor got engaged and is hoping a magazine will pay to announce it. All of this, and the answers to your favorite blind items revealed.

As is their tradition Crazy Days and Nights released the answers to a slew of their blind items on New Year's Day. Enjoy!

1. "Over New Years, this C list actress told her A/B list musician boyfriend that she is pregnant. The pregnancy would probably cause huge headlines and affect each of the star's careers. Right now the two are debating whether to secretly go ahead with the pregnancy or to terminate it, but either way they want to keep it secret, mostly because of their age." [BuzzFoto]

2. "Everyone knows this cute actor, although you might be hard-pressed to name more than one role he played. He finally got engaged to his girlfriend right around Christmas, but there hasn't been any announcement yet. Why not? It's because he's hoping that some entertainment news program or gossip magazine will slip him a little extra money for the exclusive. Although he is gorgeous, we're not sure he is gossip-worthy enough that a prominent show or magazine would have slated him as their lead story or their cover. Oh, wait! We take that back. There is one TV show that just might make him their lead story." [Blind Gossip]