Yesterday People told us that Kim Richards, reality television's Blanche Dubois, was out of rehab. The problem is they were wrong. Or were they?

They published the article on Wednesday night, but it was replaced by this post which says she's still in rehab and working on her "serious" issues with drugs and alcohol. It appears that a stern scolding from the Gossip Cop made them change their story. Good thing he's on the internet with his badge and pepper spray!

But then just yesterday, Kim's famous sister Kyle twittered that she was lying in the same bed with Kim and some of her children. Are they all crowded in a hospital bed in rehab? Is Kim at Kyle's house? Where the hell are you, Kim? You're like a woozy Carmen Sandiego. Wherever you are, we hope you're doing well. Not, well well, like normal and boring well, like well in that you're not ruining your life but are still going to be awesome to watch on reality TV well. Like better than Anna Nicole Smith but worse than Kate Gosselin. That's what we wish for you, Kim.