Or she might not be. All day, rumors have been swirling that Beyonce had reserved half of St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital's "luxury labor and delivery floor," and would be giving birth sometime on Wednesday.

But the rumor started on Media Takeout, and though MTO claims to have reports from two St. Luke's nurses, let us not forget that they also had a "ROCK SOLID" source on Beyonce being pregnant in 2010, and wearing a fake belly this time around.

Nonetheless, I admire MediaTakeOut's willingness to entertain bump conspiracy theories even as they report on the birth:

Oh, and for all you CONSPIRACY theorists out there . . . the section that was reserved has enough space to deliver THREE babies. And can host up to a DOZEN people overnight.

She should name the baby Rumor, like that Willis girl. Or Grassy Knowles. MTV, MediaTakeOut, image via Getty]