Researchers at Japan's Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology have invented an intricate butt-scanning system that can tell who is driving a car based on the shape of his or her butt, intrepid future newspaper The Daily reports:

While it might sound rather embarrassing, researchers insist the method is less intrusive and more convenient than current fingerprint and iris scan technology. And drivers don't have to drop their drawers for it to work.

The system embeds 360 incredibly precise sensors within the driver's seat, the foundation of a system that is 98 percent accurate, according to researchers.

No word what happens if your ass gets fat, or if a sexy pair of twins with identically sexy butts sits in the same seat at the same time, possibly while naked, hypothetically speaking, just throwing it out there, for research purposes. The inventors hope to have their technology in cars two to three years from now.

Hee hee. Butts. [The Daily, image via Regien Paassen/Shutterstock]