I'm telling you, CSPAN is just some shit-hot television right now. Everything is incredible. Hell, I watched Ron Paul shake hands after a Des Moines rally last night for 30 minutes—in high-definition. It was great. It's the new MTV! And now what's this, Michele Bachmann jawing on the radio about guns and her favorite gun for a couple of minutes? Sure, tell us all about it.

Via TPM:

"I went through gun safety when i was 12. My favorite is an AR-15," Bachmann said. "I scored the best of my class of any of the men, too."

The WHO host was impressed.

"That's a combat weapon!" he said, referring to the AR-15, which is the civilian version of the US Military's go-to M-16.

Bachmann explained the semi-automatic assault weapon reflects her personality.

"I like being accurate," Bachmann said. "And that is a great gun."

She's going hunting on Friday! Stay at least 20 miles away, everyone.