This actor has a public girlfriend, but really has a thing for her famous mother. A slew of celebrities are getting engaged or breaking up (as always) and a blind item of our very own, about a hunky star discussing his sexual conquests. Enjoy!

1. "So, this actor is A list. Barely. He had a franchise but really nothing else. A couple of times he has headlined a movie since the franchise, but the results have not been good so I think he lost his tentative hold on A list and is back at B where he belongs. The franchise was a fluke anyway. It made some other people stars who have no business being in movies. I am reserving judgment on this guy. Anyway, he has a celebrity girlfriend which is kept super quiet. Not that it is private, just they go to great lengths for two not very huge stars to keep things private. More on his part, I think then hers. She could use some publicity. The thing is, our actor seems kind of shy about the whole relationship because there have been rumors, especially now, that he has quite the thing for the mother of the celebrity girlfriend. The mother happens to have had her own tentative A/B list hold on her movie career throughout the years." [CDaN]

2. "Which famous fitness buff has been engaging in some serious locker room talk about one of his recent celebrity conquests? He's been confirming for pals that she's as delicious in the sack (especially in a certain area of expertise) as the rumors say." [Gawker]

3. "This mixed marriage – where the husband and wife are in different fields – will announce that they are pregnant. They will hold off on the announcement until they are at the end of their first trimester (February)." [Blind Gossip]

4. "This good-looking young couple will announce their engagement. Their relationship was conceived in the office of their publicist/s, so don't hold your breath for a wedding. They are already scheduled to break up before the end of next year. While they are both attractive people, one of them is considerably more talented than the other." [Blind Gossip]

5. "This long-time couple, both actors, will announce their separation/ impending divorce. They have actually been separated for months already, but want to sell off and split up their considerable assets before the formal announcement is made." [Blind Gossip]