Rick Perry is still trying to convince Iowa voters that he's the most socially conservative candidate this godforsaken planet has ever seen, in his last ditch-attempt to get anyone to vote for him. We all remember when he was like, why are gays in the military when something something children Christmas Jesus? Then he pounced on his wife, putting her in her place. And now he's announcing that he's upgraded his anti-abortion club membership, after watching a movie about ladies.

Indeed, Rick Perry has abandoned the "no 'bortions except in rape/incest cases" for the more tough-talky "no 'bortions ever" stance. (Confused? Herman Cain can eloquently answer all the abortion questions you've ever had.) This is not a pander! He just saw a really good movie, so... yeah. Also, it's a great way to plug Citizens United, as is the style of the time. From USA Today:

OSCEOLA, Iowa - Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Tuesday his views on abortion had undergone a "transformation" after seeing a recent film that advocated against the procedure in any situation. [...]

Perry said after seeing The Gift of Life - a movie produced by Citizens United and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee - his views on the issue changed but added he started mulling the issue before seeing the film.

"It was ... when the lady who was in (The Gift of Life) was looking me in the eye and said 'you really need to think this through,'" he said. "She said 'I am the product of a rape' and she said 'my life is worth (it).' It was a powerful moment."

After the town hall ended, Verwers said Perry's answer was "perfect."

Well it is the more consistent of the positions, right? If you think it's killing babies, then it's killing babies. How very courageous of Rick Perry.

In other news, Rick Perry is in fifth place in Iowa behind, Michele Bachmann. The fun's almost over. [Sigh].

[Image via AP]