I'm the kind of person who pays for all his movies, so I don't even know how to download something with BitTorrent. Not only does that make me a Luddite, it apparently makes me a person with good taste, because the most downloaded movies of 2011 are pretty much all awful.

Website TorrentFreak crunched their dubious numbers and Fast Five the inexplicably popular fourth sequal to Fast and the Furious was the most downloaded movie of 2011, with more than 9 million illegal downloads. It still made $626 million, so don't feel too bad for it. That's followed by The Hangover 2, also horrible, and Thor, which is actually quite good. It's the exception that proves the bad taste rule.

But the list gets worse from there. Source Code? I am Number Four? Sucker Punch? God, I wouldn't watch any of those even if they were free. I did see 127 Hours and The King's Speech, which were both great, so maybe these rebels do have a bit of taste after all. But Rango? What are they doing watching Rango. Maybe people will actually pay to see a good movie but want the kind of crappy ones for free, like when you would dub cassette tapes off your friends back in the day. Damn, I really am a Luddite.

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