You know what the state of Arizona needs? More xenophobia. Also, less knowledge of Mexican-American history and more fear and distrust between white people and immigrants. So thank god that a judge has upheld an earlier ruling by Arizona's school superintendent that a Mexican-American studies program in Tucson is a violation of the law, in part because it promotes "resentment toward a race or class of people." White people in Arizona, specifically!

The program's opponents - led by [John] Huppenthal, a veteran state senator elected superintendent of public instruction last year - say that by framing historical events in racial terms, the teachers promote groupthink and victimhood.

Maybe if we don't tell the Mexicans anything, they won't think that we've ever done anything to them! As long as they don't notice that they live in a state where, for example, a sheriff might decide not to investigate hundreds of sex crimes because they were only against Mescans, after all.

Which is not to say it's a racial issue, of course. All students of history know that race has never played a role, in history. (Particularly not in Arizona!) To teach anything to the contrary would be outrageous and divisive. Carry on, Arizona. You continue to earn your title every day.

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