Jerry Sandusky's also-kid-rape-y lawyer Joe Amendola says Sandusky and wife Dottie are "considering speaking together publicly," hopefully in a televised interview. Now the question is, are these people utterly delusional, kinda masochistic, or maybe enjoying the attention?

The Harrisburg Patriot-News reports that "either to Oprah Winfrey, to the CBS show 60 Minutes, to NBC's Rock Center, or to ABC's Barbara Walters," apparently because his previous two interviews weren't disastrous enough. Between that and the fact that Oprah doesn't even have a show anymore, I'm going with "utterly delusional" (a state of mind that seems to afflict many occupants of State College, PA) and "maybe enjoying the attention."

For reference, Dottie is the one accused of sitting idly by while a tween boy screamed for help while Jerry Sandusky raped him within earshot in the couple's home. She maintains her husband's innocence. Great idea for Sandusky's defense: He and everyone around him actually occupies a parallel universe, and it is nothing like the reality everyone else experiences. Who are we to judge the inhabitants of everyone-touches-kids-sometimes-it's-no-big-deal-land? [Patriot-News, Deadspin, image via AP]