We asked you to share pictures of your worst Christmas presents, and boy did you guys deliver! There were the usual passive aggressive doozies of getting books about weight loss, but there were plenty that were even more thoughtless and more creative. Here are the best of the worst.

Before we can get to the winner of the $100 Visa gift card, here are the runners-up. Each of these commenters received a star (if they didn't have one already) to put a top their Christmas tree of shame. The names are mine, but the pictures are all theirs.

Happy Birthday Jesus by spacegod

This Is Actually Quite Handy by jaemoz

Last Christmas by Lonesomebri

Shitty Gift by Lebron Posts Up

Jesus' Windshield Wipers by Aunt Marvel

Over the Bearing Boulder Holder by MalynLaReina

We'll Never Forget by kateaclysm

These Are Cats on a Mat by West of House (formerly clairedelooney)

Oh Hell No! by ilikedirt

Getting Squirrely by sparkiepop

Plotting Your Demise by Anie Smith

A Story You Can't Makeup by spaceystacey

Santa's Nightmare Helper by AnnieTum

A Breath of Fresh Air by ExBomb

Sweater Weather by KatScan

Take a Hint by seamuscampbell

Eating Crow by Adventure_Cat

A Son's Revenge by Oceanodiverto

Going Nuclear by Maxamuz

Whites Supremacy by lardon_hardon

A Veiled Threat by Nayana Pratt

Bald-Faced Lie by JohnSt.leger

Thanks guys, for giving us some truly heinous (and some actually kind of awesome) gifts. But there can be only one winner, and that distinction goes to MichealinaBurke for this insane contraption.

Here's what she said about it:

"Because you're always complaining about not having pockets!" explained my father. He sewed the zippers in himself! I'm actually not sure if this is the worst gift ever or the best.

That is the worst, the best, the best of the worst and the worst best best worstest thing we can imagine anyone unwrapping. Thank your dad, Michaelina, because he just won you $100. Email us to claim your prize.

Thanks for playing everyone. You turned all your worst gifts into one great contest.