It's easy to turn into an asshole during the holidays. Alcohol, sugar, caffeine, bad weather, enforced cheer, cramped quarters filled with god damned loved ones and awful Christmas music - everything conspires to piss you off. So bear that in mind as you judge these horribly entitled tweets from spoiled jerks who didn't get the expensive Christmas gifts they asked for.

Something Awful's Jon Hendren, aka @fart, retweeted some of the most egregious examples of gift rage that bubbled up around Dec. 24 and 25th. We've compiled the most outrageous examples of Hendren's outrageous examples in the graphic above (click to enlarge), or you can watch this two-minute music video version (with original music!). Most of the complaints are about iPads, iPhones, cars, and iPods - not getting them as gifts, getting them in the wrong color or version, etc.

The tweets capture, TechCrunch's Alexia Tsotsis wrote, "everything that is wrong with Christmas." Well, not quite. Beyond crass commercialism and childish entitlement, the American Christmas also spreads obligatory holiday fervor, "compulsory bad taste," and shameless familial mythmaking. For some, particularly for bitter young teenagers, a nice gift is their one salve against the holiday's other crimes. Deprive your little monsters of said gift at your own peril, parents.

[Image of thumbs-down Christmas gal via Doreen Salcher/Shutterstock]