Meet Jamie Granato. Lately he's been spending his days in a trailer parked on the side of a road in Greenpoint, peeing into a bottle and dumping it onto the street. His day jobs include running a record label and selling Christmas trees. Animal New York reports,

The stand was started as a part-movie set, part-quick-cash-fix project for one of Granato's friends. He employed all of his musician friends to work it, rotating them through 12-hour shifts on the corner of Henry and Nassau. Equipped with a trailer that includes a tape deck, space heater and plastic containers to pee in (the trailer's bathroom is busted), Granato, along with members of the bands Woodsmen, Pure X and the founders of Underwater Peoples records, sell trees 24 hours, 7 days a week through the holiday season.

The Christmas tree stand has its own Tumblr. In a video interview, Granato lets the curious public into his world:

Most people that work here are like, musicians and like, people who run labels and stuff. That band Waves, like stood at my house, like when he was on tour. And his girlfriend was starting a new band and was like, Oh you should check it out. And he was like, Oh this is really good. You should just press this up. You could sell it. And it did really well. And that was the band Best Coast, like that was one of her first records. And from there we were like, Oh! Let's just keep doing this. This is like, good. There's actually going to be a Christmas compilation. It's by like, people that are associated with the labels, people that work here, or some of the musicians that work here, and stuff like that.

Brooklyn: Where the guys peeing into bottles on the side of the road, selling evergreen twigs to passersby, are cooler than you are.

In other news, the most effective way to write a lazy trend article is to anoint every random thing any unsuspecting person in Brooklyn does, "The Hipster _______." I mean, you were curious about the hipster Christmas tree stand, weren't you? Stay tuned for my follow-up, "The Hipster Pee Bottle I Found on the Street in Greenpoint." Trilogy: "The Hipster Colostomy Bag I Tripped Over in an Alley in Bushwick." Horribly predictable trolls, all of us. [AnimalNY, McGolrick Trees]