Derek Lam, whose name you might know but whose clothes you can't afford, sent a cease and desist letter to Ivanka Trump because she is selling what appears to be an exact copy of one of Lam's shoe designs. Damn, and Ivanka was always the only Trump we liked.

It appears that one of Lam's shoe designers was shopping on during work (1. We've all done it. 2. Even she can't afford Derek Lam!) and saw Trump's $150 Cadie wedge. She noticed they looked conspicuously similar to Lam's $780 (told you you couldn't afford it) Ayami wedge and told the company. This is the first time shopping at work has been productive ever in the history of man.

Lam's CEO, sent Trump's company a letter giving them a week to get the knockoffs off the shelves. He says that he even bought a pair, but they haven't arrived yet. You know, they're just for evidence. It's not like he's going to be wearing them in Fire Island this summer when he and his friends do runway around the pool in pumps. No, that's not what is going to happen at all.

But seriously, look at the shoes above. Sure Ivanka didn't design hers (just as Lam didn't personally design his) but those are a total rip off. They're too similar to be coincidental, and I'm sure Ivanka (who can afford not only Derek Lam's clothes, but could buy him and his entire company) didn't know they were a podiological plagiarism. Sadly that means some lowly designer is about to lose his/her job. Now Ivanka will have to tell her father she's not a "job creator." Maybe she'll get disowned. Then we'll like her even more.

[Image via AP]