According to a North Korean Central News Agency report, "peculiar natural wonders" have been witnessed since Kim Jong-il died on Saturday. And we're not talking about Kim Jong-il's face appearing in a crummy piece of toast.

On the morning of Kim Jong-il's death, layers of ice on a famous lake broke thunderously. "It was the first time that such a big noise was heard."

At Mt. Paektu, under which Kim Jong-il's wacky origin myth says he was born in a log cabin, words of Kim Jong-il's that have been carved into stone glowed brightly. (yes, Kim Jong-il had his own writings carved into the side of a mountain. Take that, George Washington.)


A natural wonder was also observed around the statue of the President standing on Tonghung Hill.

At around 21:20 Tuesday a Manchurian crane was seen flying round the statue three times before alighting on a tree. The crane stayed there for quite a long while with its head drooped and flew in the direction of Pyongyang at around 22:00.

Observing this, the director of the Management Office for the Hamhung Revolutionary Site, and others said in union that even the crane seemed to mourn the demise of Kim Jong Il born of Heaven after flying down there at dead of cold night, unable to forget him.

Amazing. Even the Manchurian cranes are brainwashed in North Korea. Obama better train some bald eagles to perch on his arm or we're done for.

[Image via AP]