We have already identified that ABC's sitcom Work It, about two "guy's guys" who dress up as women to get jobs, is going to be the worst show in history. Now we have a whole new reason to hate it: it's bad for the transgenders.

Milquetoast gay assimilationist groups HRC and GLAAD took out a full-page ad in today's Variety asking ABC to cancel the show, because it is going to make life worse for transgender Americans. The group's head honchos took to Huffington Post's Gay Voices (what is it like an internet seance for queers from beyond the grave?) to explain their position.

The so-called "comedy" of Work It is based on the premise that people who were born male but encounter challenges in presenting themselves as women is inherently funny. The problem is that some transgender women may find themselves in this situation, at least temporarily, during the early stages of their transition, due to the prohibitively high costs of transition-related medical care and widespread insurance inequities. Transgender Americans — who can be legally fired in 34 states today just for being who they are — face an inordinate amount of workplace discrimination that images like those on Work It perpetuate.

I can't really argue with that, but I can make another argument why ABC desperately needs to cancel this show: it is bad! This is an awful, horrible stinker that anyone can see from a mile away. The premise is lame and will run out of jokes in five episodes, it's a rehash of Bosom Buddies, and even the jokes in the promo are clunkers. Is there something about this show that they are hiding? Some sort of genius that we just don't see? No! This thing is just awful through and through. It's so bad not even NBC would air it, and you know how desperate that skanky peacock is.

So, yes, ABC, just don't air this piece of shit. Now you can say it's because you love gay people and transgender people and humans of all stripes and you'll look like a hero. We have given you an easy out—you better fucking take it.