The angry communists of Wisconsin who are trying to recall Gov. Scott Walker have taken their puerile toilet humor all the way out to the rustic 4 Winds Motel — you know, the 4 Winds, right there on Highway BD north of Baraboo. That's where the owner has put up a sign reading, "RECALL THE KOCH SUCKER NOW!" Good heavens.

Some folks are apoplectic. The kids in the cars are going to see the signs, and they'll want to know what Koch Sucking is. What are you supposed to tell them about Koch Sucking?

"You know, people with kids are driving by. And you know there are little kids who are 8, 9, 10 years old who are old enough to be able to read that and might say, ‘Mommy, what does that mean?'" said Andrea Lombard, a Sauk County supervisor and first vice chairwoman of the Republican Party of Sauk County. "Well, how does Mommy explain that? I'm not sure."

Others are flocking to the Koch Sucking:

But Dachik said the anti-Walker slogan hasn't hurt business. In fact, she said, it has helped.

"By and large, people have said, ‘If I ever have a reason to, I will go out of my way to stay here' because of the sign," Dachik said.

What do you all think about the Koch Sucking sign? Is this killing America or, alternately, saving America?

[Images via AP/Baraboo News Republic]