We've explained time and time again that you should put down the camera and not make that rap video. Apparently some clarification is in order: This goes for web startups, too. In fact, web startups should avoid music videos of any sort.

We know, we know, it seems like startup founders should totally be an exception to the "don't make rap videos" rule. They're dominated by pasty computer geeks and greasy business nerds, two groups legendary for their sense of rhythm and ability to dance. And yet somehow the new rap video from First Round Capital, above, descended from "parody" into self parody so quickly that some of the featured startups had to be forced into participating.

Even the music video from tech philanthropy Raise Cache, below, starring omnipresent blogger and tech feminist Rachel Sklar, came in for scorn (we're as surprised as you are!) for being "wrong and SO bad.... the worst of the worst," as one tipster put it. Ostensibly because the videp promotes the involved startups over the involved charity, but more likely because it breaks the "no startup music videos, ever" rule. It's a longstanding dictum, for good reason.