Five people and a dog were killed around 10 a.m. today when a small plane crashed on I-287 outside of Morris Township in New Jersey. The single-engine turbo-prop plane, which was piloted by a managing director of the investment bank Greenhill & Co., and carrying his wife, two children, and a coworker, had taken off from Teterboro Airport and was headed for Atlanta when it disappeared from radar. The Newark Star-Ledger writes that it "appeared to nosedive and disintegrate"; although no one on the ground died, the debris was strewn across a half-mile area and the wreckage was horrifying:

"It was carnage," [nearby resident John] Moran said, describing a scene of chaos and devastation, with luggage and pieces of the plane strewn across the woods that hug Rt. 287 in both directions.

"If you didn't know what you were looking at, you'd think it was just a pile of rubble," he said.

Moran tried to reach the passengers inside the wreckage but quickly realized there was nothing he could do.
"They were literally just pulled apart," he said. "It was just horrible."