The axe is falling at HBO today just like it fell on Ned Stark's head on Game of Thrones (spoiler alert!) and the networked cancelled Hung, How to Make It in America, and Bored to Death. But don't worry, seven people who watched Enlightened, it's coming back for more.

Yes, the Laura Dern recovery dramedy, will return for a second season. Is this retribution for not renewing The Comeback, because this is a day late and a good show short.

But it's bad news for all their other 30-minute shows. New York takes a big hit losing both Bored and America, both filmed here and surprisingly neither of them in Williamsburg. I liked all of them, even though I sort of hated myself for liking America, because it was so cliche but so true and so fun and I would sleep with every guy on it. Yes, even Rene!

The move makes sense for HBO, since the ratings for each show were down (but still respectable). Of all the shows Enlightened had the smallest audiences, about 1.5 million, on average. That's the one that gets to stay? It's not TV, man, it's HBO. Don't try to understand it.

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