Haha, where to start with this one? University of Texas Austin College Republicans President Cassie Wright, it seems, is something of a poet:

(She's since protected the account.) That Tweet, which Wright's grandmother has theorized may be the result of hacking, was also re-Tweeted by Wright's predecessor, the current secretary of the statewide College Texas Republicans, Lauren Pierce. Who, last month, while still president of the Austin College Republicans, encouraged her followers on Twitter not to shoot Obama, "tempting as it might be," and who was then bizarrely defended by her own then-vice-president as having "made a positive statement in a way." That vice-president was, of course, our old friend Cassie Wright.

Wright's social networking, while we're on the subject, is deeply concerned with racial stereotyping: the Alcade provides a screenshot of a Facebook comment: "What kind of messed up world is it when I'm studying hard in the library and the Asian guy next to me is watching America's Next Top Model episodes on his laptop??" What kind of messed up world, indeed?

[via HuffPo]