Mark Zuckerberg, who personally kills all his food, is ominously proud of his escalating slaughters. Here's the bison he recently shot and devoured, mounted at Facebook headquarters as a "prank" on a less predatory executive.

Kara Swisher at All Things D snapped a picture of the trophy in a Facebook conference room. Apparently it was hung in COO Sheryl Sandberg's favored meeting space while she was away as a sort of gag or maybe a bit of Lord-of-the-Flies-style intimidation. "The bison has now been nicknamed Billy and also sports a Facebook-branded baseball cap and occasional hoodie," Swisher writes. Ha, ha! Of course, Zuck's taxidermy sideline won't be so cute when he tracks and culls Google CEO Larry Page. (Zuckerberg, who has been hunting progressively larger game, is killing all his meat through the end of the year. Like other Googlers, Page has been fattened on some of America's most delicious food.)

Not that Zuckerberg minds the creepy publicity his slaughters have generated. Talking about what Zuckerberg does to a handful of animals keeps people helpfully distracted from the things he does to the privacy of the 800 million humans on his Russian-oligarch-funded social network. As former Zuckerberg consort Sean Parker just told the New York Times, "I think he does it because it gives him something else to talk about other than Facebook." Bullseye.

[Image via All Things D]